Walk - In Services

Due to high demand, Puppy Tales is please to offer the following services on a "Walk-in" Basis. All services listed below are now available with no appointment necessary during regular business hours.

Nail Trimming

The same wonderful walk in nail trimming your furry friend has come to know and love! This service is performed during regular business hours, for all dogs of all breeds, and sizes by our professional groomers. Take the stress out of nail clipping by having it handled by a trained professional.

$12.00 per dog

Anal Gland Expression

What can we say?... It's a dirty job but someone's gotta do it. If your little buddy is scooting around, licking, or smelling less than fresh, this service may be for you. Now offering this service on a "Walk-in" basis. All breeds welcome. As a walk-in service this does not include a bath, but can also be added to any grooming appointment.

$20.00 per dog

Paw Pad Trimming

This service includes the shaving or trimming out of the hair underneath the foot between the paw pads. Helps to alleviate slipping on tile or hardwood, also keeps feet cleaner in mud, wet or sticky conditions. THIS SERVICE CANNOT BE PERFORMED ON EXCESSIVELY DIRTY, OR WET FEET.

$10.00-$15.00 per dog

Full Foot Trim

Tired of those "Grinch Feet" but not quite ready for a grooming? Look no further our new "Full Foot" walk-in service can keep those crazy feet under control between grooming. This service includes the Paw Pad trim (above), as well as a tidying of any hairs on top of the foot and around the nails. (DOES NOT INCLUDE NAIL CLIP)


Eye Corner Trimming

Say good-bye to goopy, stained eyes. This service will trim away any unsightly, potentially harmful staining between the eyes

$10.00 per dog

Sanitary Shave $15.00

Ear Cleaning $10.00

Ear Plucking $20.00

Teeth Brushing $10.00

Nail Clip & File $20.00